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Welcome! I am so excited that you have landed on my blog, and I hope and pray that you will find courage, inspiration, and some helpful information. To keep up to date on the latest and greatest, feel free to subscribe and get in on some cool free stuff like marriage tips, monthly devotion challenges, and more!


What’s in a name?

We all know the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den, or at least know of the story. That is only one of several stories about Daniel that show his courage. He was consistently standing firm in his beliefs in a society that seemed intent on destroying them. I find that rather similar to the current struggle of being a godly woman in what I like to call modern day Babylon. Reading the book Living Among Lions by David and Jason Benham (not an affiliate link) inspired me. Filled with a desire to build a community where godly women can help each other be strong in their faith, the idea for the blog was born! Since Daniel is generally thought of as a male name, I chose Danielle. My name isn’t actually Danielle, though.


So…what exactly do you blog about?

Lot’s of things, really. Most posts will be specifically about issues women face and how to handle them in accordance with God’s Word. I try to cover a variety of topics so there’s something for everyone: married, single, dating, full-time or part-time employee, SAHM’s and SAHW’s. Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment on what you want to read about, I am always open to suggestions! I aim to please:)


Who is the real “Danielle”?

I mentioned above that my name is not, in fact, Danielle. In the wee hours of an October morning, my mother christened me Carah. No, it is not pronouced car-uh, I am not a car (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that in my life). Think Sarah, but with a C! Also, think polka dots because I am 100% a polka-dots-and-Pinterest kinda gal.


I am mid 20’s with a super amazing husband of two years this coming March. He happens to be in the Army so holding a steady high school math teaching job in a forever home is not really in the cards for us right now. No worries though. It only took me two years to decide teaching wasn’t for me anyway. Fortunately the Lord has blessed us. We are free of student loans and able to live off his income alone.


Within the first few months of our marriage I realized what I loved more than anything was being a homemaker. That’s right, I’m a super nerd who actually enjoys things like cooking and cleaning.  Hubby has already told me that he forbids me to ever get a job again. After only a week since school ended! I may be old fashioned, but I just love being a stereotypical 1960’s housewife with a heart for Jesus.